The S21 FE: Features Fans Want

The S21 FE: Features Fans Want


 Hello, This is TheThechBoy with a list of features that fans want on their Samsung phones and thus should be put on the S21 FE. 

  1. Expandable Storage

 Fans like expandable storage and it is a cheap and efficient way to manage your storage offline. This would appeal to many fans and give Samsung an advantage over Apple. 

  1. A Headphone Jack

Fans have been wanting the return of the headphone jack for two years now. Also, some fans switched to Samsung from Apple because they took the headphone jack away.  The headphone jack would enable more people to want to buy this handset.

  1. Two Editions 

    Having two editions of the S21 FE would excite fans. Small phone fans would get a 6.2-inch display while other large phone enthusiasts would get a 6.5-inch curved display.


  1. Plastic and Ceramic

Fans want tough but beautiful phones. A plastic or ceramic choice of material would provide the toughness of plastic and for just one hundred dollars more, the beauty of ceramic. This is the perfect compromise between toughness and beauty. 

  1.  An Infrared Blaster and Receiver

    An infrared blaster would be an interesting addition to this phone. These have not been on Samsung phones since the Samsung S5. An infrared blaster would allow for direct internet-less file sharing between phones. It would also enable you to use devices like TVs, DVD players, and other devices that use infrared to control the devices. If you lost the remote, just download an IR blaster app and use that as a remote. With the discontinuation of Logitech’s Harmony remotes, this is just another great way for Samsung to get this phone sold to people who want a universal remote.

  1. Fast Charging With a Charger in the Box

    This phone should come with Samsung’s 25 and regular 15-watt charger. The box should also include a USB-C to USB dongle and a USB-C to Micro USB dongle. The phone should also have reverse wireless charging. Reverse wireless charging is a feature on certain Android phones that allows you to charge one phone wirelessly with your phone.

  1.   Cameras, Software Updates, and Features

    The Samsung 21 FE should have the camera specs of the Samsung S20 with the updates and support as the S21 series. The S21 FE should definitely have 5G support and Samsung should consider including the S-PEN. Software updates are very important and should be given the same three-year Android update support as the S21 series.

These were our meager suggestions to making and improving the S21 FE to a Samsung Fan Edition and a Flagship Edition.

 Tech Talk to you Later!!! 

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