How To Downland Instagram Followers Of Any Account For Free!!!

How To Downland Instagram Followers Of Any Account For Free!!!

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

     Have you ever wanted to find a list of all of someone's Instagram followers or following. Some tools claim to do this but are complex or too expensive, but one Chrome Extention can do this for free.

Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Download the Extension

    First, you'll need to download the 'Ins Tools' extension from the Chrome web store. Please note that this extension is not Google Safe Browsing certified, but the privacy policy states that it collects no data.

Step 2: Input the URL

    After installing the extension, find the Instagram account you're interested in and input the URL into the extension's search bar. You can then select whether you want to download the followers or following list and adjust the time settings to prevent Instagram from blocking the IP address.

Step 3: Download the CSV

    Once the extension has finished scraping the data, you can download the list as a CSV file and open it in Google Sheets or Excel to search for the accounts you're interested in. If you need help uploading the file to Google Sheets, you can find a tutorial here

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