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Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special interview. 

Please add micro-sd card slots on your devices Samsung

 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a petition for Samsung. If you agree, comment and click the link below

Dear Samsung, I care about micro-sd card slots in your phones. Micro-sd card support in a phone means a lot to me, and expandable storage to put my pictures, video's and recordings would be desired. I am a fan of your company and some of my favorite devices are the S10 series, Note 20 Ultra, A71 5G, and the S20 FE, all devices that have the micro-sd card slot.

1. I know somebody that got a Samsung S20 with 128 GB of storage, and they filled it up in three to four months!! They eventually ended up buying a 128 GB micro-sd card to put in their phone. That card costs less than buying a 512 version of the device.

2. Since, your phones, epically the Ultra models, are focused on photography, having a micro-sd card slot in your phones will make less of those high quality, yet large photos are deleted but viewed on your high quality and expansive display screens; how they were supposed to be shown.

3. Your S6 series did not sell very well, without the micro-sd card slot, but your S7 series sold very well and was one of your best-selling phone series that also has a focus on photography.

4. Lastly, this is a way to differentiate yourself from other companies by adding a micro-sd card slot to a foldable phone; that has not been done on a mainstream foldable device.

    Samsung we petition you to please integrate a micro-sd card slot on your phone for better sales, to beat the competition, and to make your devices even better for photography.  


Sincerely, your fan TheTechBoy at thetechboy.org

Petition link https://forms.gle/eBjTBuCgjdZfTTQf6


  1. yes, we need micro sd cards

    1. Did you sign the petition? Please tell me who you are.


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