Chrome Dino

Chrome Dino


 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a blog on the Chrome Dino game. These new updates feature Olympic events such as running, horseback riding, surfing, and swimming and other sports. In running, there are Olympic torches to jump over and they are in color which is not typical for the dinosaur game. If you hit the torches you get access to the Olympic mode. You can access it by typing chrome://dino.

Notice the cacti and the torches in color. Also, it will sometimes say "Game Over" in Japanese.

Chrome Dino Swimming and hit a bouy

In swimming, there are buoys in the water that you have to swim under. Sadly these are not in color. In running there is hurdles for you to jump over and you have to jump pure hurdles in horseback riding also. I hope Google keeps adding new features for the dinosaur game even after special events.

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