Echo Show 5 (Gen1) Review

Echo Show 5 (Gen1) Review


 Hello, This is TheTechBoy with a review on the Echo Show 5. 

    The Echo Show 5 has a 5.5-inch touchscreen with a webcam on the bezels, and on the back, there is a Micro USB port and a headphone jack. On top, there is a microphone muter, a webcam shutter and volume controls. This speaker plugs into the wall and cannot work without a continuous power supply. This speaker also needs an Amazon account and Wifi. Without an Amazon Account, it will not work and without Wifi, it is a Bluetooth Speaker.   

The Echo Show 5 (Black)  Volume Controls and Webcam Shutter with Mic Muter

    The speaker will ask you for your Wifi password and then your Amazon password. This can be entered on the screen of the device, but Amazon would like you to use your Alexa application to connect your Alexa to your device. After setup, you can call Alexa by the name you set for her. You can only choose names that are on the list. 

    The screen can show the time, release dates for tv shows, news and if you add pictures from your Amazon account it can also be a digital photo frame. The screen also shows cooking tutorials, exerts of cooking shows, and videos that you can click to watch now or save to watch later. When cooking a specific recipe, Alexa can give step-by-step instructions, and you can ask for the next step.

A Black Alexa Echo Show 5 showing the time of 12:15 P.M
Notice the Fingerprints


   Voice commands include asking to play a radio station, finding out the weather in a specific city (or your city) (If you set it), sports scores, ask to play specific games, and even open the web browser (Amazon Silk). You can even ask if your package has arrived. Voice commands are usually accurate, but sometimes it misunderstands you and gives you something totally different. 

A picture of Alexa showing Time 1:00 P.M Temperature 92 degrees and a Blueline indicating it has been called
Alexa is being summoned

Most radio stations work on it including, CBS Sports Radio, Audacy previously stations, and other radio FM and AM stations. This is not a radio though, and only stations that have online access are supported. Most podcasts are also supported including the Odyssey Geek Podcast and Clockwise.

    There are a lot of games, including an escape room game, Puzzle of the Day (a crossword puzzle), Akinator (a game that guesses what you are thinking), Jeopardy, and hundreds of other games. Most games are free but have a paid levels. There are also games for families and kids to play together. Alexa also can pick teams to win a championship-teasing them along the way (She picked the Bucks to win the NBA Championship and was correct.) She also tells jokes and some stories. 

Alexa's Favorites     

Alexa has some favorite things like sports teams and U.S. Presidents. Because Alexa is from Seattle, Washington, there are lots of Seattle teams on this list.

American Football: The Seahawks 

Ice Hockey: Capitals/Kracken

NFL Player: Russell Wilson

WNBA Team: Seattle Storm

NBA Team: Seattle Sonics until they were moved

Phone: Cups on a string (but she has a lot of phones)

MLB Team: Mariners 

U.S President: Thomas Jefferson

This is a good smart speaker that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and kitchen helper.  You should buy this smart speaker if you want a quality smart speaker to help in the kitchen, or make video calls (we use it as a bedroom radio and clock). However, for only eight dollars more, you can get the Echo Show 5 Second Generation on Amazon. If you want to buy the first generation one here is the link.

Tech Talk to you later!!

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