Shortwave Email Client Review And Giveaway

Shortwave Email Client Review And Giveaway

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of Shortwave. Shortwave gave us some promotion codes, and we are doing a giveaway for three months of Shortwave Standard, read on to find out more.  

Shortwave is an email client that can connect to Gmail. I opted to try the free plan which means the last 90 days of the email will be imported into Shortwave. Shortwave has a paid plan and one that is coming to companies soon.  There is a desktop, IOS, and beta Android application. 

Graphic showing the 0 dollar free plan the 9 dollar standard plane and the enterprise plan.


    Shortwave offers a different user experience than Gmail. It uses different terminology and has all the emails lined up vertically instead of horizontally on the web application. The desktop application is a Progressive Web Application and looks exactly the same as the Online Application. The new way of doing things is shown in the sidebar. Shortwave calls archived emails, 'done' and have threaded messaging on the sidebar, and it allows chat channels called workspaces, that are not seen in Gmail. Anyone you email will end up on that sidebar, and you can drag them to your favorites system. If you email someone on a regular basis, you may appreciate the threaded email system, that displays emails in threaded style and makes it look more chat-based which may make email seem like less of a chore. However, when you send an email, Shortwave makes it seem like you will not be sent a Message 'your changes may not be saved.' 

A bird on a hil. Under the hill the bird says 'All Done.'
This is the image when all your emails are all done.


    This application allows easy access to see if an email came from a real email address. If you click the three dots, click view original, and then click advanced. This is important because if you are getting phished, you can see the original email that was sent to you before you click any links. The email client also does not require 'Less Secure Access to Gmail'. To read more about Shortwaves security, visit this link.
The menu showing how to access the original email, along wconversation. ith reply foward copy ling and open in


    This application offers many features but lacks some that Gmail offers. For example, if you type :dog, you would see a dog emoticon come up on the screen. You can insert codes, and use Ctrl+K, to insert links into your texts and you can insert GIFs and emoticons into the message. This email client is built more like a chatting application, and less like an email client. It lacks essential features, such as extensions, access to spam email, and the ability to change the layout of the email client. However, if you like having minimalistic access to your email and access to email offline email, (desktop) Shortwave may be a good email client for you. Shortwave also automatically bundles your email into a group, and if you pin an email it will go right to the top where it is convenient. Bundling can allow groups such as social media, calendars, updates, etc. to be grouped together. You can change how bundling works in settings. 

The bundling settings screen showing how Calendar and Social Media sites are grouped together in the email client.

Shortwave did a good job in making this feel like a chat-based client, It felt like chat before I even read it was supposed to be chat-based.  However it is not as feature packed as GMail and its organazation is not for everyone.


We have a code to give away three months of Shortwave Standard. Share this post on social media, and tag it ''TheTechBoy Shortwave Giveaway!!''  Or comment on the bottom of his post with the same tag. Fill out the form at the bottom to get access to the giveaway. For this first giveaway, there will be ten winners.  The giveaway will end on March 16, 2022. 

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