The Number One Underrated Missing Feature of Windows 10

The Number One Underrated Missing Feature of Windows 10


 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report.

    Windows 10 had an underrated feature that is missing in Windows 11. This feature was one of my favorite features and would appreciate seeing this in a new build of Windows 11.

Person working on a white Windows 11 computer on the couch. You can see the USB ports on the right side of the computer.

    Windows 10 allowed users to press volume up (or down) and a media player would come onto the screen. It would allow you to see what media was playing, and pause it. It would also allow you to switch media if you had another song, video, podcast, or audio drama paused in a browser tab. In Windows 11, you cannot do this. This may not be as important and Live Tiles or changing the taskbar, but this is a feature I would like back in Windows 11. Thankfully Windows 11 has many great features, you can read about them here.

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