Interview with Luka Petranović

Interview with Luka Petranović

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special interview with Luka Petranović, a tech blogger. (Lightly edited for clarity.) 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions do not necessarily represent the views of TheTechBoy.

How did you get interested in tech?

  • First time that I had some sort of serious interaction with tech was around 2008 when I saw Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It was my first touchscreen phone which ignited the passion for tech that I have today. It wasn’t until iPhone 4 (2010) that I had any more interest in tech though. So the start point was in 2008 with Nokia but the fire started burning in 2010 with iPhone 4 and Jailbreaking community.  

From your site it shows that you are an Apple fan, how did you get into that.

  • Like I said in a previous question. iPhone 4 was my actual fire starter in tech and Apple in general. I was amazed by what they have achieved over 3GS back in the time and adored the boxy design. The rest is history.

On your site you detail that it took you 17 seconds to switch from PC to Mac, could you go into further detail about that?  

  • I have personally never owned a MacBook until the start of 2022. It was always either PC (back in 2004) or Windows laptops afterward. The wish was huge to own a MacBook and I think around 2016 it was actually a really bad desire. It was all I talked about but never got one. Prices are hefty in my country and living standards are not that great… I went off topic a little. Back to the point. The name of the article is “Switching to Mac after 17 years of Windows” and my entry line was as you stated the glorious 17 seconds to decide I’m not going back.
    As I am a long-time iPhone user and an Apple Watch user the process of syncing my MacBook with everything else was a piece of cake. But why I decided to never go back to Windows is because I never owned any higher-end Windows laptop or PC. If I did, who knows. I might never buy a MacBook. But I definitely don’t regret it.

Fun fact: I debated with myself for 4 months whether I should get a MacBook or a high-end Windows laptop.

What tech-related things do you do for fun?

  • I am a computer science student atm. Should finish soon so I’m hanging around coding a lot lately. But I also like to fix iPhones in my free time and help the elders with around tech.

How did you get into tech blogging and what advice would you have for young tech bloggers/vloggers?

  • Blogging has been my passion for a long time. This is actually my 3rd or 4th try. It went downfall because of consistency. I couldn't keep up with it due to obligations. I’ve also written for a bit more popular blog back in time before it fell apart. So my blogging history is stretched but my passion for writing remains. 

Favorite tech applications?

  • Well, this one is a hard one. I can’t say I have any even though I use a lot of apps whether it be on mobile or laptop. I do love apps for content consumption like Instagram and YouTube. But outside of social networks, I’d say productivity apps that help me be faster and more efficient. On the MacBook, I still have no idea since I am a new owner but I really like one app that I recently downloaded. It is nothing special but for what it does I love it. It is  Pandan. Simple app that shows you how long you have been using the device. It gives me a more sensitive feel of how long I’ve been doing something.

Favorite retro tech (Nokia Blackberry etc.)

  • Gameboy. Huge fan of that piece of tech. I am hunting for one at the moment with a Pokemon cartridge. Also something I am not sure if it counts in tech but it is not far and that is Tamagotchi.

Key to your success

  • I can’t say yet I am successful in what I do, but I am giving my best. But one thing that got me where I am? Something I’ve been lacking in past blogs… Consistency.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions do not necessarily represent the views of TheTechBoy.



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