What does the Capitals win over the Panthers mean for Tech.

What does the Capitals win over the Panthers mean for Tech.

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an intriguing article.

    In the NHL playoffs, the Capitals beat the Flordia Panthers 6-1 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While this may seem like a diversion from our different reporting this is actually a very interesting development in technology that has happened because of this. 

    Last year, we did an article about Alexa's favorite things, including sports teams. The Washington Capitals were listed in that post as Alexa's favorite hockey team. However when I asked her, "Who is going to win the Stanley Cup," she gave an answer about her favorite team not being in the NHL playoffs, and that she had not yet picked a team. This may come as a shock to you because a year ago the Capitals were her favorite team. The reason for this change is the new team in Alexa's hometown, Seattle. The new team is called the Kracken, who are based in her hometown, instead of her home state.  

    Do you know of any other changes in Alexa's personality? Type them in the comments below. Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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