How to Open Portals to Other Lands With Your Phone.

How to Open Portals to Other Lands With Your Phone.


Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of Floom.

    Have you ever wanted to know what was under your feet? Do you wonder what worlds lie beyond your backyard? Have you ever wanted to dig a hole to China but did not have an excavator? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this tool is for you.

    Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief, you can't dig a hole to China from the US.

    Floom is an Android-only Google-made website that uses augmented reality, and location data to open portals into the ground. This tool is only supported in Chrome, but I tested the tool with my personal browser--Samsung Internet. It worked. Probably because the Browser is based on Chromium.

A picture of Floom showing water and islands.  Floom worked well on Samsung Internet. Just make sure you give the browser access to your camera. Scan the ground for a little bit and tap the tornado-shaped icon to see satellite imagery of the location. You can tilt your phone, to get new locations and tap the screen to see a new portal. The satellite imagery is small, but if you want to see a larger image, click the image at the top and it should open the Google Earth application if you have it. If not, it will attempt to download it from the Play Store. You can zoom in and out of the portal by pulling your phone up and down into the tornado for a very limited zoom.

    If the calibration is off, you click the compass icon to set North. If you do not know where North is, and have a Samsung phone with an edge  panel (not an edge screen but a panel just search for edge) choose the compass and turn so you can see the needle point towards North. If you don't have a compass download a safe compass application from this list.  

    Most of the front yard is on top of the Indian Ocean and sometimes I can see places such as Australia and Indonesia. This software is very interesting and fun to use. It is free, but I wish you could access the satellite/aerial image from Google Maps. You can access Floom by visiting on an Android phone. I found this website from the Android intelligence newsletter. Thanks for reading and Tech Talk to You Later!!!

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