OnePlus 10T Live

OnePlus 10T Live

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Live blog/stream of the OnePlus 10T Event.


6:55 Hi Guys remember to reload for updates. 

7:02 The stream is up!! For some reason live chat is disabled so remember to comment here. 

9:47 Wow a phone company is talking about connectivity instead of camera camera camera.

9:48 What competitor is he talking about? 

9:50 I like how OnePlus is talking about the features of the phone. It's interesting to see a real showcase. 

9:52 This triple camera system looks underwhelming. 

9:56 A 4 min presentation for camera features. Wow that's short. 

9:59 What did all the deaignes have in common? They had an alert slider.

10:00 Curved back flat screen nice. 

10:00 The different colors have different textures. 

10:03 Thats a big battery.

10:08 OxygenOS 13 is being released.

10:11 Talking about the color in Oxygen OS. Very funny because they almost merged with Color OS.

10:13 The OS design is based on water. 

10:17 No mention of Oxygen OS being based on Android. The UI looks like an iPhone. 🤨

10:20 New AOD and partnership with Spotify. 

10:21 I'm glad this phone has a large battery and fast charging.  The AOD and 120 HZ may sip power. 🤔

10:21 Sync with Chrome books nothing new. 

10:22 Spatial Audio interesting. I am intrigued. 

10:23 Ohh some more mentions of Android

10:26 1+ worked with Google. They have Google Messages on them

10:27 OnePlus users get free ticked to League of Legends event. 

10:28 The 10T is considered a flagship. 

10:30 649 dollars has a good reception. 

10:30 Early access is today.  

10:31 80w Car charger nice.  

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