Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Flip or Fold?

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Flip or Fold?


7:25: Those Galaxy Unpacked look really nice. Remember to read to see new chats. 

7:25: 'Over the horizon is playing'

7:30: It looks like the Z Flip will have a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. 

8:02: Sam-sing? nope. Sounds like a name of a fake company in an audio drama.  

8:04: Samsung Just said Flex is better than Flat. 

8:06: Wow Samsung has been working on this for a long time. Also, my Bixby turned on during a Samsung event.  (No one even said Bixby)

8:08: Flex mode for camera is being touted as a new feature. It is not. 

8:10: Flex Mode is not New!!

8:12: The folding screen is being touted as a 'Digital Wellbeing Feature' so you can "stay in the moment." 

8:14: Bora Purple is in the S22 

8:15: They did a video in the sand and it is not even dust resistant. Sad...

8:16: Duo is called Meet because of the merger. Nice job Samsung. 

8:18: The Bespoke edition has 5 colors and 3 frames.  

8:20: Samsung releases Galaxy Buds 2 and released its own codec. This probably meant the Buds will sound best on Samsung devices.  

8:21: Samsung is talking about calling people on earbuds. Wow!!

8:23: Samsung is Releasing the Watch 5.

8:24: "Watch5 has 2 sizes and 4 colors."

8:26: Samsung is talking about Privacy.

8:27: Samsung Explains the difference between Privacy and Security.

8:29: Samsung is talking about their sustainability efforts. 

8:31: Samsung just leaked that the Z Fold 4 would be released. The man said "our new foldables".  

8:34: Samsung just said they "never settle" cough OnePlus cough.

8:36: There is new hinge on the Z Fold nice. 

8:37: Lighter and stronger nice.  

8:39: Better under-display camera.

8:39: Wow Android 12L is on the phone. The first mention of Android.

8:41: This phone is for me.

8:42: A 50 MP camera and 3x zoom. Nice 

8:43: Why would anyone use TickTock in a Z Fold 4?

8:46: Samsung Google Partnership

8:48: Watch 5 Pro released.  

8:50: No more rotating bezel. Aww man 

8:51: You can get 2 colors. Black or Gray. That's funny.

8:52: Samsung has no price reduction on ZFold 4.

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