Can You Install the YouVersion Bible App on Windows 11

Can You Install the YouVersion Bible App on Windows 11

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. 

    As some of you may know, Microsoft announced that the Windows 11 operating system can install Android applications. However, the only official way is to install the applications from the Amazon Application store.

A man looking at a Windows 11 vomputer with a flower looking background.

         I installed the Amazon Application Store. After signing into the store, I searched for the YouVersion Bible Application and I found it. I installed it, and the Windows Subsystem on Android (WSA) will start and after a little wait, the application will open. If you opened the application recently and then closed it, it will load quickly.

The Brown Bible App loge and text at the bottom that says Starting Windows Subsystem for Android

     The You Version Bible Application is slightly different on the Amazon Application store. For instance, the application does not allow sign-in with Google, but if you use the sign-in with email function, and use the same email as your Google Account, your Bible Account activity will sync. This means that your days in the application streak, your plans, badges, and your highlights will be the same on your PC on your phone.  

The Bible version NKJV (New King James Version) showing the download worked.

    Downloading an offline version of the Bible works on this version of the application, on this version of the application has all the same functions as the Google Play Version, save Google Account sign in. The application is not perfectly optimized for the desktop of course, and because it is running in emulation it may have some jitters and lags (I have over thirty tabs open as well), but it works well on Windows. I noticed some crashing, but I had over thirty tabs open and I had Discord open. When I closed that, it worked well.  Highlighting text, adding a note, and watching the videos all work. The videos are shot vertically, so the actual video only takes up about a third of the screen. Typing a note, or searching for a Scripture does not bring up a software keyboard, it lets you use the built-in keyboard. In conclusion, the Bible Application on Windows 11 is available, it works, and you should use it.

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