Update: Name in article changed to FLEXCLIP.

 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the FLEXCLIP. FLEXCLIP randomly sent two packs to me to review.

    These clips are marketed as a device that allows you to clip things onto the back of your phones such as earbuds and power banks. A pack retails for nine dollars and 99 cents for a pack of two. 

Black FlexClip 2 pack in blue box.

    These clips are pretty easy to install, however, the installation process could be tweaked. The installation process requires people to wipe the surface of the phone and earbud case etc with alcohol wipes. I would say not to get the maximum stickiness and wipe the alcohol off when you are about to apply. For heavier objects, a bit of pressure is needed to stick the earbuds/power bank on the back of the phone. I  messed up the application process so one of the pads got messed up. After mixing and matching the clips, I borrowed Maestro Mo's earbuds case and connected them to my phone. The earbuds and my phone do not wirelessly charge so that could not be tested. 

I was able to clip the earbuds on and off and for an object as big as the case it was able to pull up the attached clip. For smaller objects such as plastic cards, I just pulled the card off when I was done testing. Then I applied the system to the back of my case and it worked well for a day. However, leaving the sticky surface on a table or mat will lose its stickiness. This means that the clip has to be applied to the object at all times. A few weeks later, mine broke after lots of twisting and fidgeting with it.   


    The price of this product is pretty high in my opinion, however, this may be a good choice if you have earbuds and want to keep track of them without them being in your pocket.  

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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