This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 11

This Week in TheTechBoy + Podcast Ep 11

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with This Week In TheTechBoy.  

    This week I got a bladeless neck cooler to test. A review of it will be coming soon, but a super quick unboxing video is below.


    The debate is on. Is YouTube social media or is it something else? I do not think it is social media, and I have five reasons. Leave a comment below to foster an online discussion. 

An image of the YouTube Homepage. It is showing a red button with a white triangle icon.
This week we also had a special guest come on a different edition of the Podcast. This person is switching to a Pixel 7 Pro from his iPhone 12. (Great trade-in). Watch me discuss tech with another techie here.     

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