S22 Plus First Impressions

S22 Plus First Impressions

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with my S22 Plus first impressions. This was published after a day with the S22 plus. I recently upgraded my A71 5G to the S22 Plus. After some software updates, the phone is now on the November security patch, and One UI with Android 13.  

Green S22 PLus that says Galaxy S22+. The phone is showing three cameras on the back and a green homescreen.
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    Overview: The haptics of the S22 plus are more subtle and refined than my A71 5G. The bezels are slimmer, and it has quality-of-life improvements such as wireless charging four years of OS upgrades, and five years of security patches. This means the phone should last me until Android 16 which should arrive in 2025. The cameras seem decent. There is a three-times telephoto zoom and portrait, pro, and 8K video modes. Update: The front camera is not that good. Samsung Dex is also on here. I briefly tested it on a PC and a TV, it was a bit laggy but a proper monitor should do better. I will not discuss the battery life here because as TechOdyssey says, the phone has to learn usage patterns.  

   Storage: I got a 128 GB version, and that may not be enough storage. It has no Micro SD card slot. I did not really use one on the A71 5G, but I already used 77.63 GB of storage. There is no headphone jack as well, but I mainly use the speakers and sometimes wireless earbuds or a headset. The stereo speakers of the phones are nice and loud. There is Dolby Atmos inside the speakers and with some good lock modules, you can customize the sound experience. of this device is insane. The phone runs a bit warm, but it can handle more advanced applications such as Samsung Expert Raw. One application, Life Action did crash though.  

    Call Quality/Data: The call quality is amazing. I did a test call after paring my SIM, and I was impressed by the call quality. It was clear, crisp, and loud. The reception seems good. I only had one dead spot, and  I get good reception and speed from the phone. At my house, I got 309.5 Mbps download speed, and 23.5 Mbps upload speed, per Google's speed test. The screen is 6.6 inches with an adaptive 120 HZ display. Sometimes it feels smooth, and sometimes it does not. The screen is slightly smaller than my A71 5G, which kind of messes up my typing experience. I like the One UI widget stacking and the Smart widget. The smart widget sometimes does not update as much as I would like it, and my Lacrosse View widget displays in Celcius when it should display in Farenheight. Secure Folder is also not allowing YouTube Picture in Picture. My Samsung Email application also required a reinstall and a restart for my emails to synchronize. 
    Software/Security: The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is very fast. It does not require light like an optical scanner, and the software finally supports multidigit passwords over 16 digits!!! Finally!! Speaking of the software, One UI 5 allows you to see what applications are running in the background, and it also lets you speed up the processing speed. Doing a video editing test in luma fusion the maximum processing speed exporting a minute 46-second video is 1:62 seconds faster than the Optimized mode. This means for longer videos the optimized mode will be useful. Bixby now supports offline voice commands now, and it can accept/reject calls and alarms without saying, "Hi Bixby." Also dragging notifications to open applications is nice. In conclusion, this phone needs a bit more polish but seems to be a great phone.

Tech Talk To You Later!!   

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