This Week in TheThechBoy and Podcast Ep. 14

This Week in TheThechBoy and Podcast Ep. 14

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with This Week in TheTechBoy and Podcast Ep. 14

                             KHCB Review.

    KHCB is a Christian radio station based in Houston. The station has signals in other US states and a web broadcast that goes around the world. They just celebrated the 60th year anniversary and  The old website was basically a player for the stream and not much else. Now the new website features on-demand content and a new part of the site called Upliftd. (Spelling explanation in the link.)

                             Vont Smart Plug Review

    These Vont Plugs allow you to connect them to Alexa and Google Assistant and thy integrate with the Vont application and IFTTT. Vont Home is a basic application. You can turn the plug on and off, and turn off the blue LED. This LED tells you if the plug is on or off, but sometimes the LED can be covered up by some electronics.



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