Aukey 18 Watt Power Delivery Wall Charger Review

Aukey 18 Watt Power Delivery Wall Charger Review

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Aukey 18-Watt Power Delivery Wall Charger. Thanks to Galaxy Tech Review for the device. I spent a couple of minutes with the charger testing it with my Samsung S22 Plus and the LG V40. 


    The design of the charger is really minimal. It is a small white cube and the prongs fold into the device. On the front side, there is a small USB-C port. This means you need a USB-C to C cable to use the charger. This gives you the ability to take advantage of the fast 18-watt speeds. 

The white Aukey charger showing the USB-C charger.
The Aukey charger and the Samsung charger together.


    Obviously, the device does not charge as fast as my 25-watt Samsung charger, but it is smaller than it. It only takes a couple of minutes more than the 25-watt Samsung charger, but due to its size, it is perfect for use on the go. It works with all USB-C devices. It even charged my Hohem Gimbal it does not work with my Samsung 25 Watt Charger.

Should You Buy It?

    Do not buy this charger. It works and charges fast, but it is 2x more expensive than the Samsung 25-watt charger. (11.99 dollars) Unless you need the minimal aesthetic I would recommend using the Samsung 25-watt charger. Also, the charger is not available on Amazon, so avabality is limited. (22.99 dollars) However, on its own, it is a nice charger.   

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