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Retvis RT34 Video Walkie Talkies: Spy Kids?

     Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Retevis RT34 . These walkie-talkies were sent to me by Retivis to do a review of them.  Pros: Interesting Design Front Facing Camera  Cons:           Short Range Limited Security  No VOX Design/Specs:     These walkie-talkies have some interesting specifications. There is a VGA camera on the front for video chatting and a 2.0-inch LCD display. The front also features the speakers and the microphone hole. Retevis sent two green and orange walkie-talkies molded in the shape of robots. . On the left side of the walkie-talkie, there is the flashlight button and the Push To Talk Button. On the bottom there is the flashlight. On the right, there is the charging port and reset button covered by a movable robotic arm. This arm can be unscrewed in exactly 8 twists. Do not screw it too tightly, or the arm will break.  Support TheTechBoy by buying the RT34  here .      The walkie-talkies arrived with a Micro USB Charger that splits so you may ch

What Is Unsplash and How Do I Use It?

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with what Is Unsplash.

What is Unsplash? 

    Unsplash is a website where you can download free stock photos to use online without attribution. You can download high-quality images from Unsplash free of charge taken by other users.  You do not need an account to get images, but If you want to be a photographer for the site you need one to upload photos. 

How To Use Unsplash? 

    Go to Unsplash.com and type in what you are looking for. Most of the images are free and do not require Unsplash+ subscription. If the image you are looking for is available, you can hover over it and click the arrow-down button to download it. Then some text will come up that will link to the photographer's profile if you want to attribute them. You can download different size images by clicking the image and then clicking the green arrow icon on the top. You can also search by an image by clicking the square icon in a search bar. 

Clicking the arrow allows you to download other sizes. 

    If you want to like an image by clicking the heart icon or save an image by clicking the plus icon you must be signed in. If you click the image and scroll down you can see the views, downloads, and the type of camera. If you hover your camera it tells you the lens that was used. 

Should you use Unsplash?

    Yes. Ok tech talk to you later... Ok Ok, I will come back. Unsplash has a good collection of images and an ok selection of tech images. It does not always have the latest phone, but it is usually where I start first for my images for my blog posts. If you want a site to look for videos or more tech images you can also try Pexels. 

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!