What Is a YouTube Premier: Podcast


    A YouTube Premier is a YouTube video that is not live. Let's get it straight from the beginning YouTube Premier's are not live. However, it is more than a static video that you see on YouTube. Let's get into the details. UPDATED 3/25/23 9:27 P.M CST

    A YouTube Premiere is a pre-recorded video that has chat features. Users can chat with other people watching the video and can even talk to the creator of the video in the chat. However, your chats will not be responded to by the person in the video because it is not live. The person in the video can send you a chat though. 

    If you want to mention a user in the chat you just have to send a @and their username. If you are on a pc when you do @username their name will pop up and you can click on them.  On mobile, you have to do @username exactly how their name is so they will get notified by their name highlighted in the chatbot. The video will be bad quality at first than after it finishes uploading in the background it will allow you to see more than 360p video. 

    Premeirs have plenty of security features. You can block and report people in a Premier by clicking the three dots in their name. Channel owners can decide if they want the chat to be 'replayed' (shown again when the video is not Premiering). They can also make subscribers of a certain time limit only be able to chat, have mods that can block your channel and put you in timeout, and block some words from showing up in the chat. 

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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