MS Edge Experience Live Blog

MS Edge Experience Live Blog

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a MS Edge Experience Live Blog

    Im switching to Edge for a week. Chrome was acting slowly and I decided to switch to Edge. I have imported my passwords and browsing data. However, I have not switched from Google to Bing though I may use Bing Chat. I will be liveblogging my experiences. 

Microsoft Edge Logo

    The browser shows the sidebar just like Sidekick, however, it is less laggy but still had some lag in some instances!! I also just noticed that you can mute the tab by clicking the icon to mute. 

IT is still laggy but I detected a virus do it got a bit less laggy. The YouTube Picture in Picture mode is nice. 

    I miss the Chrome Download at the bottom. This makes dragging and dropping downloads so much easier. 

I have noticed that there is a search tabs bar like in Chrome but it is in another place.

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