IBM Replacing Jobs With AI Automation Chat GPT Makes a Good Doctor

IBM Replacing Jobs With AI Automation Chat GPT Makes a Good Doctor

   Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report.

A robot typing on a tablet.   

 IBM is using AI and automation to replace back-office jobs, per ARS Technica. This means that AI will not replace customer-facing jobs but the jobs you likely do not see. As for the number of jobs that would be displaced per Ars Technica, it could affect 26,000 jobs.  However, for the person who dislikes AI, there is good news. Per Ars Technica, 7000 jobs have been added in the first quarter.  

   We also have another story from NotTheBee, saying that ChatGPT answers questions 80% of the time better than doctors per researchers at UC San Diego.  The study was not that good of a study, as it was using questions posted to Reddit and not questions asked to actual doctors. 

    Anyway, the researchers sent the questions to Chat GPT and found that 80 % or around 160 of the responses were better and some of them were more empathetic. That is an astonishing statistic. Do I think AI is going to displace some jobs? Maybe some. Will it take over the world, launch nukes, and cause millions to loose jobs and never get them back again. Absolutely not!!

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!      

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