No, AI Will Not Take Over The World

No, AI Will Not Take Over The World

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

    Many articles have been written on websites that AI will replace jobs and humanity is doomed and there will be a robot revolution. Yeah, no not a chance. 

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    If we step back and look at history, innovation has always come throughout the progress of time. At the start of human history Noah built a huge boat..cough cough...ship rather. After that people built a huge skyscraper. Fast forwarding to the 1800s the steam engine helped create modern society. 

    Then we got planes, rockets, computers, the Internet, etc. These objects helped push civilization forward. Yes, they replaced some jobs but they created new ones. Carresr such as blogging, YouTubing, or even flying a modern fighter aircraft would not even exist without the internet. Great companies such as Vice would not exist...ok, I just undermined my argument but you get the point.

     Trans-Atlantic travel was reduced. Communication sped up. Information was easier to access. And yet humanity has not extinguished. In the 19th century, people were afraid trains would suffocate them but they did not. Now the train is the backbone of modern American infrastructure for goods. In the 20th century, people were scared the world would end via Nukes and the Yk2 bug. It did not. Is our 21st century scare AI?

                                                PETA USES AI to Rewrite Bible.

    AI is just a program. It is a helpful tool. It may be 'woke' but it can still code, write, do art, and summarize articles without being 'woke.' While some may fear that these businesses will be doomed, humanity will adapt. It still takes creativity to come up with prompts and humans can still create without an Internet connection AI does not.

 At the core of AI 19t to 20th century steam and nuclear energy power it. AI cannot take over the world We have the power plug after all. 

God Bless, and Tech Talk To You Later!!!   

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