Xtreme Skins For S22 Plus Review

Xtreme Skins For S22 Plus Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. 

    A skin is a sticker of sorts for your phone that can add grip or texture to your phone. The Xtreme Skins Titanium Skin for the S22 Plus is a skin that is supposed to feel like metal and goes on the back of the phone. Xtreme Skins sent this to me to review for free. The S22 Plus was not provided by Xtreme Skins. It was supposed to be customized but it was not. 

    When I unboxed it it came with alcohol wipes to wipe the back of your phone and two stickers. One is for the back of the phone and the smaller one is for the camera bump. The skins are removable and can be reapplied and after a few attempts over time, I was able to align it fairly well.  It looks different than in the photos though. 

My Phone In The Skin
                                                                            The Skin On The Website

    The skin is scratch resistant and it kind of feels like wood more than titanium.  The S22 Plus has a power-hungry chip so having a case/skin on it could cause it to heat up a little more. (Recent updates made the battery better though.) My skin is in good condition, but it is chipped a little on the camera module. 

    During installation make sure you remove all dust and debris or it will get under the skin and cause bumps. Other than that installation is easy and Xtreme Skins provides videos for installation on YouTube. You can access this via the QR code that comes with the packaging. 

    In conclusion, this is a good project and XtremeSkins supports Pixel, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Sony, Samsung S series, and iPhones. The skin costs 11.50 British pounds. God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!  

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