Samsung Event Liveblog

Samsung Event Liveblog

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Samsung Live Bloh

Larger Z Fold 5 Cover display

Ok its like a fashion accessory

No telephoto sad,

Who cares about 'selfies' that much

I just noticed the front screen on the Z fip looks like the notch on the Original Fold. 

Why notifications on the side? 

Oh nice its has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The hinge looks gap free

Oh nice here is the Z fold

So its a Z fold 4 with  new chip 

1,750 Nit screen making it brighter than an S23 Ultra 

I like that S pen case

Here we gooo

Watch 6 is out

Seep Coaching 

Oh Meditation I wonder what Michel Knowles thinks

It has a temp sensor

Decent prices

Tab S9. I asked a chat support agent if it had MicroSd and she did not know

The lady was editing a video in Luma Fusion

Wooo Water resistant tablet

Goodnotes looks fun

They are going for an artsy feel

Nobody cares about your 'footprint'

And it is done

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