Tile Rec Review

Tile Rec Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. TileRec sent me "the world's slimmest voice recorder" for review.

    The model they sent me was a voice-activated 8GB model. The box it came in contains a charger/data transfer cable, a USB-C adapter to connect it to an Android device, and the TileRec itself. It also comes with a string you can use to attach it to your wrist.  The device is really slim and has curved edges. The setup is easy too; just connect it to your phone/computer and edit the text file to set up the timestamp, light settings, and voice-activated mode.

The TileRec In My Hand

    This recorder has 2 modes: an always-on mode and a voice-activated mode. According to TileRec, the battery lasts 30 hours in voice-activated mode (and it activates at 45dB). I tested it, and it seemed to be able to pick up background noise like a fan or me humming and scratching. However, I set it up for a full day and it did stop recording when we were not in the room and started a new one. This helps conserve the onboard storage.

    The device is simple to use as well; there is a light on the front that flashes when you start recording and alerts you when the battery is low and the storage is full. You can edit this light to stop flashing after 10 seconds in the settings (text file). There is also a micro USB port on the front for charging, a hole that is probably the microphone, and a switch that you flip to activate the device.

From Left To Right: Switch, LED, Mic, USB
    The microphone can pick up talking and even a video game recording being played in the background. It could also pick up the movement of a game we played in the hallway and me talking (as I was closest to the mic). It even picked up breathing at night. What I am saying is that it would be a good tool for note-taking in class or using it as a spy tool.

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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