Epieos Review

Epieos Review

Epieos screenshot  Hello, I'm TheTechBoy, and I've got an exclusive review for you. A few weeks ago, we discussed Epieos on our podcast, which is an OSINT tool designed for searching someone's email or phone number. TheTechBoy Media reached out to the company, and they generously provided me with 30 free credits to put their service to the test, and I must say, it's remarkably robust.

    Epieos boasts an impressive range of capabilities. It can determine if someone is currently active on chess.com, retrieve archived Google Plus posts (accessible via the Wayback Machine), perform checks on haveIbeenpwned to identify potential account breaches and utilize Holehe (a free tool available for download on Kali Linux) to locate accounts associated with your name. Furthermore, the software extends its reach to platforms like Duolingo, Strava, Flickr, and Trello. However, it's worth noting that it encounters difficulties when dealing with phone numbers, so it's advisable to deactivate credits before attempting to access such information (which will be blurred.)

    What sets this tool apart is its complete legality and its potential as a strong starting point for conducting OSINT investigations. While it may not be able to search popular social sites like X or Instagram, it excels at uncovering information on more specialized platforms.

    For instance, you can determine someone's waking hours by checking their activity status on chess.com. You can also discover the languages they're studying through their Duolingo account. Additionally, you can search for an individual's public Google reviews and calendars. These details serve as valuable stepping stones to unveil profile pictures, interests, older social posts (from Google Plus), and much more. Armed with this information, you can effectively narrow your search, whether on search engines or social media platforms. 

Epieos works on a freemium model. You can search an email and get someone's Google, Skype account data and find accounts found by Holehe. If you pay for the software (about 32 USD a month or 30 dollars a month if you pay yearly) you can search the aforementioned data.
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