I'm Sorry Android Users...I Can't Use Google Messages

I'm Sorry Android Users...I Can't Use Google Messages

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.  UPDATED 10/21/23 To correct error.

    Google Messages brings RCS to Android phones. This turns a linear SMS-based conversation into a  more modern chat-based conversation. Think Slack or Discord features such as reactions or replying to specific messages but in text form!! However, for some weird reason, Google Messages is the only application that supports that. 

Google Messages Application
Source Google

    Fine, I thought, I do not want to deprive my Android Team13ers of the chat experience they deserve so Ill switch from Samsung to Google Messages. It still has Bixby integration so everything will be fine right? Right!!!??? Nope!!

    Google Messages does bring great features such as Voice message transcription and auto-delete of OTP and great Spam protection. However, the customization features are horrible. In Samsung Messages, you can change the color of all your chats chat, assign a notification sound to specific messages, group messages with tabs at the top of the screen, and pin messages to the top of the screen!! Why can't Google Messages do this? 

    I tried to assign a specific tone to someone I could not easily do it and as of writing I could not do it yet. Ditto the message theming options and definitely no grouping or pinning options. Also, someone who mainly texts one iPhone touting friend and the rest of the text is not something that can be enhanced by RCS (reminder texts and short questions). Until Google improves Google Messages or brings RCS back to Samsung Messages, I will probably stay with Samsung Messages.   

Sorry Team13ers!!! God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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