PowerUp 4.0 Review: The Potential Is there

PowerUp 4.0 Review: The Potential Is there

Hello, this is TheTechBoy, and I'm excited to share my review of the PowerUp 4.0 Drone.

    PowerUp provided me with the drone and an assembly kit a few weeks ago. To ensure a proper test flight, I had to find an open field, as flying it indoors or in small spaces like a backyard is not recommended.

        Assembling the drone proved to be a bit confusing at first, but PowerUp offers helpful instructions in the form of a YouTube video. With just paper, scissors, and a bit of tape, I was able to successfully put it together. If you follow the video step by step, you can complete the assembly in under thirty minutes.
    The drone's mobile application is available for both IOS and Android, and the device is charged via Micro USB (which might disappoint some). Pairing the application with the drone can be a bit finicky, but after a few tries, it stayed connected and was ready for flight.

    Flying the PowerUp 4.0 Drone does come with a learning curve, but it shows great potential. On a windy day at the park, I encountered some crashes before mastering the proper throwing procedure. Eventually, I got it to work.

    Taking it to a small hill in the park (about 8 feet high), I managed to make the drone turn while in flight. The most successful flight even allowed me to cross a small ditch on one side of the park to the other, potentially with the help of the wind. The flying experience is enjoyable, with the application offering a built-in recording mode and realistic flight noises. It also keeps track of your flight duration, and I can envision experienced pilots enjoying flights lasting 10 to 20 seconds, especially when launching from a hill.

    This plane serves as an excellent tool for learning about aerodynamics and physics, making it a fantastic gift for anyone interested in aviation. God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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