Beeper Mini Needs Three Things To Be Perfect!!

Beeper Mini Needs Three Things To Be Perfect!!

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. 

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    Beeper Mini could potentially be the application of the year. It is well-designed, it works well, and it has a low price. However, these three things could take this application to the next level.   

1. SMS/RCS Support.

    Adding SMS and RCS support will mean I could text all phone users iPhone and Android from the same mobile application. It could easily support SMS and could take a page from the now-defunct Sunbird by linking the RCS in Google Messages and forwarding them to Beeper Mini. 

2. Customization

    This application is DEVOID of customization!!! You can not choose a real profile picture, you cannot group messages like in Samsung Message, nor can you theme individual messages. This application is worse than Google Messages. I need these features!!!  

3. Flat Pay Rate

    Why is this a Subscription plan? Yes, it's 24 dollars and 88 cents a year but why? It doesn't use servers and the code is open source so the application should be a flat one-time payment of 10 dollars or so. 
    Especially since the code beneath the application is open source, I read somewhere that other companies could make similar applications. What would prevent Samsung Google or even Nothing from integrating this into their messaging applications? 

    God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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