How To Speed Dial On Samsung Phones

How To Speed Dial On Samsung Phones

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. 

    Speedialing can be useful if you need to call someone quickly. If you are attempting to speed dial a person using the Samsung Dialer this is how you do it. 

1. Open the Dialer:

  Open the Dialer Application and click the button at the bottom that says 'keypad.' Next, click the three dots at the top of the screen. Next, click the option at the top that says 'speed dial numbers.' 

2. Select Numbers/Contacts

    The number 1 is for Voicemail, but you can assign numbers 2 through 999 for other contacts. Type in a contact's name or number and note the number that you assign them. This will be key in the speed dialing process. 

My Speed Dial Numbers

3. Speed Dial:

    To speed dial someone just hold the number down until the phone starts calling. For, multidigit numbers such as '26' just type the number in and contact will come up. 


    You can also assign a speed dial number by holding down a number that is not assigned. Then a screen will pop up asking if you want to assign a contact with that number. 

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