How To Phish For Credentials Over WAN With WSL In 3 Easy Steps!! No Ngrok

How To Phish For Credentials Over WAN With WSL In 3 Easy Steps!! No Ngrok

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special cybersecurity article. Today, I will demonstrate how to generate a phishing link, in WSL, without NGROK, that works over WAN.
    This Is For Legal Use Only

1. Open Your Distro
    I have kali but you may want to use something else. Paste the command 'git clone --depth=1' (without quotation marks) into your terminal. You can do this by copying the text and two-finger tapping it into the terminal or doing Ctrl, Shift, V at the same time.

2. Next Commands
    Utilize the same procedure with these commands 'cd zphisher
 bash'  remember no quotations, and you can paste both commands in at the same time.  

3. Exploit

    This will bring you to a screen where you can select the service to spoof. You do this by typing the number and pressing enter. Next, you can decide what type of page you want to generate by selecting options in the sub-menu. Lastly, choose 02 (Cloudfared) to generate a link that will work outside the network without Ngrok. Decide if you want a custom port (click n for no if you do not know what you are doing) 

Zphisher Home Page

    Next, you can change your mask URL (to make it more legitimate) but click N if you are lost. Next, copy the generated link (by highlighting it and two-finger tapping it on the touchpad) (use the link that doesn't have a @) and send it to your victim. The username, IP, and password will be shown on the terminal if the victim decides to connect. To exit type Ctrl C.   To read the files in the terminal run cd zphisher, ls, cd auth, ls, then cat ip.txt, to see IP's and cat usernames.dat, to see the username and password.  

    God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!

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