I Really Want A S24 Ultra

I Really Want A S24 Ultra

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

    I want a Galaxy S24 Ultra!! The phone looks amazing and would be a great upgrade from my aging S22+ 5G!! This phone has a larger heatsink +Titanium (for heat dissipation), genuinely useful Ai features, a better battery, AND an improved camera response time!! This fixes nearly all my pain points with the S22+ 5G. 

S24 Ultra Showing Top and Screen

    I am a smartphone power user, I swipe around and read news/sports/tech/weather articles, promote the website on socials, download my hour-long podcasts, and edit them. I also run online AI programs like Bard, ChatGPT, and Copiliot on my phone and trialed offline AI applications on my phone such as Layla AI, and that is Just for TheTechBoy. 

    At school, I take videos of the sports team and edit news videos in Lumafusion and Shotcut all on my phone. I also write the scripts for some of the videos and use my phone as an edutainment device on long bus trips with the team (and then capture the gameplay with the cameras on the phone).

     All of this is demanding on my phone and it tends to get hot and lose battery a little faster than I would like. Also, sometimes when I edit a video in Lumafusion the application tells me it has run out of memory (RAM) and when I reopen in Shotcut sometimes the application reloads.  Also, the camera application is slow to open, and switching between modes( from pro video to video) to photo is painfully slow, and taking a picture is slower than I would like.

    Thankfully, per MrWhoseTheBoss, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (For Galaxy) is FASTER than the Apple A17 Bionic, and the speed at which it takes pictures is faster. Also, the extra 4GB of RAM and the insane processing power of the phone should make editing a video a breeze.  The AI features should make my transcription/summarizing of meetings better (the last time I did it I had to upload it to the cloud to transcribe it and then ask ChatGPT to summarize it) now I can do all of that in the Samsung Voice Recorder and Notes application.   Lastly, the phone would doo all of this without getting as hot as my S22 5G!!! Amazing!!!    

God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!! 

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