Gemini Has A Problem: It's not the One You Are Thinking About

Gemini Has A Problem: It's not the One You Are Thinking About

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. Google's AI chatbot 'Gemini' has been the news recently and it's not good news. However, it has another problem, a personality problem.  

Gemini Ai Logo

    Right now, Gemini can be used as the default voice assistant on your Android phone. This could replace Google Assistant as your default voice assistant. Gemini is way smarter and more advanced than Google Assistant, but it lacks one thing, personality. 

    If you were to ask the dumber Google Assistant its favorite food it would answer you. However, if you ask Gemini, it would tell you that as an AI language model, it doesn't have personal preferences. This is a major problem. One of the main features of voice assistants and smart speakers, is their fun 'person-like' personality. 

You can ask Alexa to sing for you, Google will tell you fun facts about itself, and sing songs, Cortana (RIP) and Bixby do the same. This is what gives the assistants half the fun. Also, please let us change the voice of Gemini. Thanks Google!!

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!

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