How To Use GeoSpy AI: Geolocate Images With JUST A PICTURE!!

How To Use GeoSpy AI: Geolocate Images With JUST A PICTURE!!

    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review featuring GeospyAI. This tool has been showcased on our podcast, and here is our text tutorial.

Geospy AI interface.

    GeospyAI is an impressive AI tool capable of geolocating images through reverse search and identifying various elements such as architecture, text, and vegetation in the photo to pinpoint the city. During testing, this tool proved to be excellent. It successfully determined the city where I reside solely based on the types of plants present in the picture, without mistaking me for a butterfly pea.

    When tested with other images, particularly from Google Streetview, GeospyAI demonstrated high accuracy, particularly in urban areas. However, it did encounter some difficulties with rural roads. Notably, these images were screenshots from the internet, not directly downloaded, making a simple reverse search ineffective. Neither Google Lens nor TinEye would prove helpful in these cases.

    Using the tool is straightforward. Simply navigate to the website (, and either upload your image or capture one. For mobile users, there's an option to download a shortcut for easy access as a mobile application. Allow the AI some time to process the image, and it will provide you with the coordinates. If the location is distinct, it will also offer the name along with the coordinates; otherwise, it will only provide the city name and coordinates. If you wish to witness GeospyAI in action, check out our podcast episode dedicated to it.

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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