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A futuristic phone with a server on the screen.

    It appears to be a great time for Android virtualization. Reports indicate that Google may integrate ChromeOS into Android phones for desktop mode!!! I have wanted this for years as it would massively improve the experience.     

    Phones, in general, are more powerful than Chromebooks. However, they are often limited by touch-first mobile browsers. If a lite version of ChromeOS came to Android desktop modes, more powerful web applications and extensions could be run using the built-in, desktop, Chrom browser.  This would be great for productivity and could replace laptops for many people. 

    On the other hand, third-party applications such as Vectras VM, could allow phone, and especially tablet users to finally experience Windows or Linux on mobile. With all the talk of iPad OS to potentially get a limited MacOS on the M4 iPad Pro's, would it not be great to be able to run your favorite Windows apps and games on a Tab S9 Ultra first? Windows is more Touch friendly than MacOS and this new development could make Android reign even more supreme.

                                    What A Time To Be An Android Fan!!!

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