Urbanista Seol Review

Urbanista Seol Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. This device was sent to me for a Flip review. This article was based on my Video and edited in Gemini. 

    As some of you know I do not game. However, I tried some games with this headset as well as some audio drama like Adventures in Odyssey, and I really liked the earbuds. The sound is full and loud. One minor annoyance is that they look like AirPods.  

  Let's start with the good stuff. The earphones are actually really comfortable to wear. They come with various ear tips so you can find the perfect fit, and I found myself wearing them for a few hours until fatigue set in.. The sound quality is also pretty good as well. The earphones have their own EQ settings in the app, and you can even tweak them further with your phone's EQ if you have a Samsung.

    The microphones are okay. It's probably decent for phone calls or gaming chats over Discord. You can hear the audio in the embedded video link. Plus, the advertised 8-hour battery life seems accurate – I got a good chunk of audio drama listening in before needing to recharge.

    The ultra-low latency gaming mode, was a complete bust. The earphones advertise a 70ms latency, but my tests showed a whopping 440ms in gaming mode and even higher in normal mode. That's a huge difference and while I did not notice it in games like Asphalt 9, serious gamers may notice it.   

    The touch controls are another area that left me wanting more. They could be more finicky and more responsive. The good news is you can customize them through the app, but it would be nice if they were just more intuitive overall. Bluetooth connectivity was also a bit of a mixed bag. It worked well with my Samsung phone, but I experienced some annoying drops with another phone I tested, though those could be an issue with the phone..

So, the verdict?

    The Urbanista Seoul earphones are a bit of a mixed bag. If you prioritize decent sound at an affordable price, and don't need the 70ms response time, then I would recommend these earbuds.  

God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!! 

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