Dex Needs To Get Better Pt 1: Manifest DEXtiny

Dex Needs To Get Better Pt 1: Manifest DEXtiny

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. 

Samsung A54 With Manifest Destiny

    As some of you know Samsung relesaed Samsung Dex in 2017 with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. In the following 7 yrs the phone has appeared on all S phones and tablets and Z fold phones. However the Dex has only appeared on one A phone.

Excep[t for not adding video out to the USB C ports of the Galaxy A54 it has more RAM and is 10% faster than the Galaxy S8 per Currrently the A54 is 258 USD on and the cheaped new phone capabale of Dex is 799 USD (Galaxy S24). Of course you can find deals on older flagships but most people like to buy direct from carrier.

    Adding Dex to the budget and midrange smartphones whould help people who don't have computers or afford them to acces the web on a larger screen. Using a cheap VGA monitor they may already have or find cheaply they can access a better quality monitor on Amazon. The combo of a phone, data, monitor, and dongles/cables wouild still be cheaper than a good (Windows Laptop).

      Adding DEX to midrange phone will also give their phones a better selling pointover Nothing, Motorola, and other budget cometitors. It's Samsung's Manifest DEXtiny!!! With Libery and PC's For All!!!

God Bless and tech Talk To You Later!!!  

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