How To Create A Photo Album In Samsung Gallery

How To Create A Photo Album In Samsung Gallery


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    You may want to organize your photos into a photo album. Just like in the physical world, you can do so digitally. You can do this in a few simple steps.

    First, open the Samsung Gallery application by tapping the icon. Next, look down at the screen near the home button and click the text that says 'Albums.' Then click the plus icon about 60% from the top right of the screen. There are five options; click the one that says 'Album.'

The ;Albums' button hilighted.

    Next, a text box will appear that says "Create an album." Use the onscreen keyboard to name the album. When you are done, click the button towards the bottom of the text box that says "Create." This will then allow you to select some pictures. Select the folder you want to choose from; it will most likely be the 'Recents' or 'Camera' folder, and the pictures will appear. Click the images that you want to appear in the album, hold, and drag downwards for mass selection.

                                                           Make an album button.

    You can select up to 500 photos for an album. When you are done, click the text that says "Done" and decide if you would like to copy or move the album. Copy means you will have duplicate pictures while move means the image storage location will be transferred from the gallery to the album. If you want to see the album, you can go into the gallery again, select the Albums tab, and look for your album.

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