My New Favorite Gooogle Feature!!!

My New Favorite Gooogle Feature!!!

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

    Have you ever wanted tabs on your Google mobile application? Now you can experience a similar feature, much like YouTube’s picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, but for your Google searches. It’s called Google PiP in search.

1.  Ensure PiP is Enabled on Your Android Device:

   - First, make sure that Picture-in-Picture mode is enabled on your Android device. You can usually find this setting under Apps > Special app access > Picture-in-Picture.

2. Using Google PiP in Search:

   - Perform a search in the Google app. Click on a link from the search results.
   - Once the page loads, you’ll notice a caret icon next to the X button. Tap the caret.

Now, the article you clicked on will appear in a PiP window, allowing you to continue searching for other information. You can drag the PiP anywhere on the screen. However, one limitation is that if you open another PiP, the current one will be replaced.

God Bless and Tech Talk to You Later!!!


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