Children's Blogging Contest

Children's Blogging Contest

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with our first Summer Blogging Contest. Children aged 0-18 may write an article and submit it to This an interesting thing you can tell your teachers you did over the summer, and a great way to connect with your friends. The top five articles will be published, and the first winner will get an interview over Google Docs if they so please. 

Text of Image: Summer Fun. Childrens Tech Blogging ContestPrize: Top 5 Posts will be published, and first prize is a interview over Google Docs. Other entries may be considered.   Tech Savvy Children Do You Want Something To Do Over the Summer? Something You Can Brag About to Your Friends And Teachers?  If so, Enter the Children’s Blogging Contest at Ages 0-18.

   Rules: Contest starts July 4th and ends on September 10th 2022. Children under the age of 13 have to get approval from their guardians before entering. Approval Form.

TheTechBoy has the right to refuse any entry.  

NO BAD words or profanity.

NO BAD images.

NO BAD videos.

USE only licensed images that you own or free stock photos. 

Longer is Better

POST must be a post about technology. Hardware or software, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart home devices, Windows, etc. You may review appliances.

MAKE SURE that the post is at least 75% about the technology, NOT about you, your dog, your life, etc.

TRY NOT to mention Coronavirus.

Do NOT mention or talk about religion.

DO NOT mention or talk about politics.

DO NOT mention or show images of beer, wine, or any alcoholic beverage.

DO NOT mention or show images of a bar or pub.

YOU may include links to your posts or blog, but make sure this is mostly about technology and NOT your blog.

YOU may use a pseudonym or your real name.

BE original. No posts that are found on any other website.

The article you write may go on your website or blog one month after posting it on, but please include backlinks to the post on your blog or website.

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