TheTechBoy Tech Awards

TheTechBoy Tech Awards

     Updated Grammar Dec 24 2022: Hello, This is TheTechBoy from and we are starting off our Summer Awards. Enter before update Sept 10 and you will have a chance to win TheTechBoy awards.  Email to submit, and you must be 13 yrs or older to enter. (Or have a parent's permission) All submissions are not guaranteed to get into the contest. 


Best Tech Site:,     

            Most Fun Product:    I enjoyed Testing the Cosmo Communicator. It was very fun, however, I think the OurLife camera was really good.             

Best Phone:  Out of the A71 5G the S22 Plus or the Cosmo Communicator, I would have to pick the Plus just because it is better overall. But for best phone of the year, maybe the Pixel 7, Moto edge plus, or the S22 Ultra. I guess I can throw an iPhone in there as well.      

 Best Laptop/Tablet: I did not get a laptop to test this year, and I just got a budget tablet 

                                                 Best Value:    

    S22 Plus, renewed on Amazon. Pretty decent phone with an average battery. But a full flagship for under 500 dollars is hard to beat. Other options would include the MOto Edge and the Pixel 7.   I recommend the S22 Plus if you can survive the not-so-good battery life, the Edge plus if you want a stylus-enabled phone, stock android, and a Good Desktop mode, and can survive only two updates, and the Pixel 7 as a good allrounder that does not have features like video out.

 Most Innovative: Cosmo Communicator, You could dual-boot from a MicroSD card and it had a keyboard. 

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