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Juan Bagnell Some Gadget Guy Interview

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special interview. 

We Created an Open-Source Application.

    TheTechBoy is releasing its mobile application for Android devices. The application was made in MIT App Inventor, but the keystone and the .aia files will not be released at this time. 

   TheTechBoy application is for the mobile on-the-go fan of TheTechBoy. It allows people to see our website and contact us on the go.  You can also scan products, and search for reviews that way. 

Update:  The Most Recent File will be in color. APK and AIA 

    We also created an application called, Altitude. It is in beta mode, and if you want to help develop it the aia file and the needed features are below. Sorry non-Android users this is Android only for now. This application was developed by MIT App Inventor, and the .aia and keystone files are in the Developer file link below. 

Altitude is an Android application that gets the altitudes from the location sensor of your Android device. It also takes pictures and will share the text on the image. You can use this in a social media competition with your friends, or you can use this professionally overlaying the text over the images, allowing you to know how something is above sea level.  Altitude accuracy varies based on the sensor of your device, verify before using. 

Forum: https://groups.google.com/g/altitudeapp

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Developers Files: 

 We are not responsible for any injuries or death to your person or any person, or any animals. Be safe, and follow local laws and regulations. Altimeter accuracy varies, based on the phone. 

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Photo (in application) by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Features we want. 

[  ] Support Landscape Mode

[  ] Open Source Application with Code and Google group

[  ] Get into app stores

[  ] Convert to IOS

[  ] Add editing 

[  ] Add video