Samsung Unpacked Live March 2021

Samsung Unpacked Live March 2021


Hello everybody. Welcome to Samsung Unpacked for Samsung A phones. Please comment and share. 

Wow that alot of devices in the Samsung Ecosystem.

120 HZ is 2 times faster than 60 HZ. This will make the screen better. 

Respond in the comments how is the A52 different than the A72?

Does this have Wireless Charging? Unfortunately not.

So the S21 doesn't have a micro-sd card slot but the A phones do. Is Samsung saying expandable storage is for midrange phones only?

This looks like a better buy than the S21 because of the Headphone jack, micro-sd card slot and larger battery.

Wow, water and dust resistant.

This has optical zoom also wow.

Enjoy the video, Tech Talk to you Later.

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