Six Reasons Google is better than DuckDuckGo (Google is Fine)

Six Reasons Google is better than DuckDuckGo (Google is Fine)


   (Google is Fine)

  Hello, this is TheTechBoy with six reasons Why Google is better than DuckDuckGo. While Google does track and store websites you view, you can turn saving the websites you go off, or make it Incognito. This would effectually make it as private as DuckDuckGo. 

1. Integration with other Google Services

Integration with other Google services such as Gmail, Google Photos, and others. 

2. More Relevant Search Results 

Even in guest or incognito mode. Notice in the Google Results on the Left, the Ads have nice pictures and the Samsung website is on the top. The "People Also Ask" panel is also ingenious and informative. Notice the Ads, and how low the website is in DuckDuckGo search. (On the Right) DuckDuck go does provide relevant picture ads for some searches such as "A51".



A google search page showing various Samsung Phones.A DuckDuckGo webpage that shows deals Samsung phones

3. Image search

In DuckDuckGo when you put an image in the search bar, it uses the link for that image but in the Google search bar it finds images matches.

Link and Russian text that appears when attempting to do image search in DuckDuckGo.Image searc for a Smasing A50 in Google

4. Google Maps 

Google Maps is Better than the Apple Map integration in DuckDuckGo. The search was "Whit's End (Colorado Springs)" 

This is in Texas                                                       This is in the correct location in Colorado 
A mMap in Texas in Apple Maps from DuckDuckGoA map of Colorado showing the Focus on the Family Bookstore.

5. "People Also Ask" and  Voice Search

This panel answers common questions without having to go to the actual website. This saves time and is unmatched by DuckDuckGo presently.  

Voice Search allows you to search with your voice. This does save recordings but you can delete them and have them not saved. 

Google search bar with Google microphone


6. Business Model 

    The business model is unfair and untrue. DuckDuckGo says Google is spying and tracking you. If you add simple privacy controls to Google Chrome or Google, you can make it as secure and private as DuckDuckGo.  Privacy controls in Google and Google Chrome include: Incognito Mode does not save "Your browsing history. Cookies and site data. Information entered in forms."

Chrome won't save the following information:  Your browsing history  Cookies and site data  Information entered in forms  Your activity might still be visible to:  Websites you visit  Your employer or school  Your internet service provider

Web and app activity not being stored button.
You can use "Activity controls" to pause your history from being saved. Data can be deleted at times of your choice or manually. In order to manually delete data in any section tap "Data and Personalization-Manage Activity-Controls-Manage activity-Delete Activity By." By doing this you can delete all the activity, and by pausing your activity all the data won't be saved. However, ad-trackers across websites from Facebook and Google can track you for a better and free web. 

Deleted browsing history in Google.

"Turn on Incognito mode in Chrome, Search, YouTube, and Maps"

    According to Google. "First launched in Chrome, Incognito mode has since become available in our most popular apps. In YouTube, Search on iOS, and Maps, just tap from your profile picture to easily turn it on or off. When you turn on Incognito mode in Maps and YouTube, your activity, like the places you search for or the videos you watch, won't be saved to your Google Account. Browsing history and cookies from your Incognito session are deleted from Chrome once you close all Incognito windows."

    Incognito mode, However, does not mean complete privacy. If you have spyware on your laptop or you visit a website that tracks you for advertisements or somebody intercepts your traffic Incognito mode will not block that.

 This means you have a choice about your privacy while still using TheTechBoy Choice Browser and Search Engine Award.  Update: (Award based on design and favorite, not tests.)  

    DuckDuckGo does have a few interesting features though, such as search bangs that let you search specific sites such as Amazon, eBay WolframAlpha, Google, Wikipedia, and others. The DuckDuckGo browser extension gives a letter grade for the privacy settings of a website and lets you search DuckDuckGo in a tiny box in the corner.  Tech Talk To You Later!!

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