Alternatives to Micro SD Cards

Alternatives to Micro SD Cards


 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with Alternatives to Micro SD cards. If you just got a new phone or tablet and discovered it does not have external storage these options should be helpful.

  1. USB-c or Lightning Flash Drives

A USB-c or Lightning flash drive is a great alternative to a Micro-sd card in a phone. They can easily hold 128 GB worth of files, music, and videos. They are easily pocketable and can work on almost any device. Unfortunately, unless you have a phone with two charging ports you cannot charge using a wired cable and transfer files. 

  1. A portable SSD

A portable SSD can be bought for about 80 dollars and can have pretty high storage capacities. You simply plug this into your phone and you would have external storage. Unfortunately, although they are portable, some are bigger and three times thicker than your phone and it could get heavy. 

                       Portable SanDisk Solid State Drive black and orange      Portable Samsung Solid State Drive black in a white box

  1. Cloud Storage

What is invisible and weightless and visible and very heavy at the same time? Cloud Storage!! Cloud storage has some limited free space with paid options for more space. Cloud storage is easily accessible on your phone and can be accessed on almost any internet-capable device. It does not take up any space on your phone and can be expanded the more you pay. Unfortunately, you have to pay a subscription to access Your files and, you need a good quality internet connection.

  1. A hard drive or computer   

A hard drive or computer you leave at home would allow you to plug in your phone and export them. A computer is a good investment and you can use it for other things. A hard drive is less expensive and you can get them with storage capacities all the way in the terabytes. Unfortunately, you won't have your storage with you all the time unless your hard drive is portable or you get a laptop computer. 


Adding a Micro SD card slot to devices is a good idea and should be added to
mobile devices.

Tech to You Later!!

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