Why the Samsung Galaxy A72 is Better than the S21

Why the Samsung Galaxy A72 is Better than the S21


 The Samsung Galaxy A72 is a better phone than the S21 in many ways, but here are four main ways the A72 is better than the S21.

Reason 1: Micro SD Card Slot 

    The A72 has a micro SD card slot. A micro SD card slot is a very important aspect of a phone. The A72 has 128 Gigabytes of expandable storage. The phone can expand up to one Terabyte of storage. The S21 only has only 256 Gigabytes of storage. You can not expand this storage without cloud storage or a USB storage device.  

Reason 2: The Screen is Bigger

    A bigger screen is a controversial issue, but here at TheTechBoy, we like big-screened phones. A bigger phone screen allows you to type faster and display more data on a single page. A bigger screen also allows you to watch and enjoy movies easier.

Reason 3: A Headphone Jack

    A headphone jack is a great feature on a phone. The headphone jack allows you to listen to audio on wired headphones and charge your phone at the same time. Wired audio usually sounds better than Bluetooth audio unless you get really expensive Bluetooth headphones. 

Reason 4: Cost

    The A72 retails between 430 to 500 dollars while the S21 retails for 799 dollars. For about 300 dollars you only lose 5G connectivity and Samsung Dex but you gain a headphone jack a larger screen and a Micro SD card slot.


    The Samsung Galaxy A72 offers more features at a lower cost. This is a great flagship phone disguised as a midrange phone. The specs in this phone allow you to watch videos and be productive using the expansive screen. You can also store a Terabyte of pictures offline using the Micro Sd card slot and you can listen to music while charging your phone at the same time. If only we could get 5G and Dex support this would be a perfect Samsung phone. 

Tech talk to you later!

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