What is Samsung Dex

What is Samsung Dex


 Hello, this is TheTechBoy. TheTechBoy.org has received many questions regarding Samsung Dex. One commenter said, "Excellent Review! What is DEX support & AR Doodle." 

1. What Is Dex?  

Samsung Dex is software designed by Samsung to connect their phones to monitors for a desktop-like experience. (Dex) Also, Dex allows select Samsung phones to connect to computers with Samsung Dex software. On some Samsung phones, Dex allows people to use a smart TV as a monitor for wireless Dex mode. On Samsung tablets, Dex mode also can work with or without a monitor. Dex allows users to be productive on the go. 

2. What Is Dex Mode on a Computer?

On a computer or Mac, you must download and install the Samsung Dex software onto your computer or Mac and launch it. After launching the software connect your compatible Samsung phone or tablet to your laptop, and follow the prompts on the device and computer. You should be able to run photo editing apps on a larger screen, use Samsung's pre-installed Microsoft apps to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a larger screen. 

4. What Is Dex Mode on a Samsung Tablet

Due to their larger screens, Samsung Dex Mode is available on select Samsung tablets without having to plug it into a computer. All you have to do is connect your keyboard to your Samsung tablet and click Dex mode, Once you do you will be greeted by a Windows-like desktop interface. Samsung Dex is improving over time, in 2017 Samsung Dex required an expensive Samsung dongle and monitor. Now  Samsung Dex can connect to PC's, Mac's or even a Smart TV.  

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