Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass

Samsung Reactivation Lock Bypass

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a very special tutorial. 

    On older Samsung devices, Samsung used to have a feature called "Reactivation Lock." "Reactivation Lock," is a security feature to prevent criminals from stealing, wiping(resetting), and selling your device. It is connected to your Samsung Account and requires you to sign in to the account.  If you have the message "This device is locked because of an abnormal factory reset," this post is for you. 

THETECHBOY is not responsible for any thefts committed with this method. Use these methods responsibly and legally. 

Unfortunately, if you bought a device with "Reactivation Lock," or forgot your ID and password this feature can be a real nuisance. 
The reactivation lack bypass screen.

Option 1 

Go to and reset your password. This is the easiest and quickest method and is useful if you remember the email address you used. 

Option 2 

    If you do not remember your email address or bought this device, create a Samsung account at, connect the device to WiFi, and attempt to log in with those credentials. Make sure to make a password with less than 15 characters because some devices cannot support longer passwords.  If you have a Samsung account already, make a dummy one like this, ➡   You may have to verify your email.

Option 3

    If the above methods do not work, get prepared for a longer method.

The reactivation lack bypass screen.

Step 1

Connect to WiFi  
Android phone showing animated WiFi symbol

Step 2 

Keep pushing "next" until you find an area without many buttons or textboxes. 

Step 3 

Push "Home" 3 times. This will activate "Talkback."  

Step 4

In one motion swipe down then right. In the top left corner click the icon that says  "Talkback settings." 
Android phone showing animated Down to left.

Step 5

Push the "Home" button three times. This will disable "Talkback." 

Step 6

Scroll down to an icon that says Play Store and tap it. 

Step 7

Sign in to your Google Account. 

Step 8  

DO NOT UPDATE TALKBACK!! If you update it and cannot finish the unlocking process, wipe your phone using Google's "Find My Phone" and restart the process. 

Step 9 
    Install Nova Launcher. (If the app takes a long time to install, install File Manager, and install a Nova Launcher .APK on a Micro-SD card and launch it from File Manager

Step 10

Launch Nova Launcher, and look for Settings then disable "Reactivation Lock." If "Reactivation Lock," is disabled, or to be extra careful, go to S Knox and create a Samsung account. If you have an account already, make a dummy one like this, ➡   You may have to verify your email

Step 11

Click the icon that says "S-Home" and get back to the "this device is locked..." screen. Sign in using your new account and you may get in!!  


Method 3 is the only tested method. 

Using the File Manager Application and Micro SD card was the way we did it. 

The phone tested was a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1 "Lollipop"

If you are using a Samsung device without a Micro SD card slot use a micro-USB to USB or Micro-SD adapter. 


THETECHBOY is not responsible for any thefts committed with this method. Use these methods responsibly and legally. 

Tech Talk to You Later!! 

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