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Hello, this is TheTechBoy, with five reasons it does need a Micro SD card slot and one reason why the Samsung Z Fold Series does not need a Micro SD card slot.

  1. It is a Business Device


    The Galaxy Z Fold Series needs a micro Sd card slot because this device is a productivity device. It folds from a phone to a business tablet. A Micro SD card slot would allow for files to be transferred securely.

  1. It is a Gaming Device


        This device has two screens unfolded which makes it great for playing games.  Mobile games take up plenty of space and you may run out of space for other things like files, pictures, and screen recordings of your game. Putting these files on a card allows you to use most of the space for your games. 

A white Xbox controller with joysticks.

  1. It Costs 2000 dollars.  

This device costs 2000 dollars. Do you want to pay extra money for cloud storage? Do you want to pay for extra mobile data so you can retrieve your files from the cloud?  This device costs over 2000 dollars and it should have a Micro SD card slot. Micro SD card slots are not just for budget and mid-range phones. 

  1. Cameras

        This device has good cameras and because it can fold back people can take selfies with the back cameras which will take up plenty of storage. Modes that allow stand-up video recording means people will record more photos and videos than ever. A micro SD card slot can allow you to double the space of this phone (512 GB) for 100 dollars or less. Also, you can switch Micro SD cards in and out to keep your private or sensitive photos secure.   

  1. It is not an Apple

       This is a Samsung device, when Apple releases its foldable iPhone people will compare it to this device. Samsung needs a feature Apple will not implement. A Micro SD card slot could convince people to buy a foldable Samsung rather than a foldable iPhone. 

Why It does not need a Micro SD card Slot

  1. Dongles and Storage

           This is a phone that turns into a tablet and you could attach a full-size dongle to it easier than you could a phone. That means you could attach a full-size USB to it or even connect it to a monitor. Also this phone already has 512 Gigabytes of storage. Tech Talk to You Later.


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